Dr. Jim Denison

How to live victoriously in Christ

The three facts that are essential to understanding the role of faith in our spiritual lives are: 1) Satan wants to take away our witness as well as our soul. 2) We are still fallen people living in a fallen world and must use faith to overcome temptation and choose God’s ways. 3) The solution to our struggles lies with God, not ourselves, and by coming to him in faith we can experience his sanctifying power and grace.

“They saved three lives and it was great”: Three steps into your life purpose

This article discusses the importance of believing in and following God’s will for one’s life. It suggests that by beginning each day by seeking and following God’s will, and by identifying and following the purpose he has for one’s life, one can live a meaningful and fulfilling life. The author encourages readers to trust in God’s plans and to understand that they are uniquely equipped with the abilities, opportunities, resources, and spiritual gifts needed to fulfill his purpose for their lives.

The key to success is to “sit in one chair”

Tenor Luciano Pavarotti said that his father, a baker, introduced him to music and urged him to work hard to develop his voice. A professional tenor in his hometown of Modena, Italy, eventually took him as a pupil. Pavarotti also enrolled in a teachers’ college. After graduation, he asked his father, “Shall I be a …

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